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The key to this subject is something that run using no energy to run on
(08-29-2023, 04:13 AM)Shylo Wrote: Thanks for sharing Jim
Hi Tom in the drawing are the two disks covered with wire?
Also is the coil wound on the iron core and sandwiched between the disks?
Last but not least is the magnet stationary since the bolt that goes through it threads into the rotor?

There is a photo of the EttCM coil on the Electiric Motor string 
The magnetic goes on the end of the coil and is fixed to the iron core as one complete part
This means that the iron core is now under a permanent magnetic force made be the magnetic on it.
if watts power is On and the direction of the coil poles are such N/S of the coil and N/S of the magnet
The output of the coil could be 5 times that of a normal coil at the same watts input
This makes this possible to build a device that produces more output watts than is input to make it run.
But the key to this is turning OFF the permanent magnetic force so the back Emf goes to Zero
This will be explained many times in many places as I tell how this technology Works
Thanks you, Tom aka. Dr. Wlazlak
Well: Let's talk about a new / old idea
Using No energy to make the counter reaction energy go the same direction as the Action energy
To Say : for Every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
( when something of mass pushes on something it transfers the energy into that mass. )
The first mass gives up its energy to the next mass
( But something amazing happens: the mass energy is mostly 2 times the amount is applied to make 1 mass of movement total output )
What happens to the other mass
Well: Three wise man checked in to a motel and the inn keeper tells them its 10 dollars each for the one room. So each give 10 dollars for the stay for the night. that is 30 dollars total. some time later the inn keeper thinks was it wise to charge 3 wise men 10 dollars for one room for one night? how about 25 dollars for the night? Ok:
5 dollars divided by 3 ?? how about 3 divided by 3 and as a tip the inn keeper gets 2 dollars-- sounds good -- so now the three wise men paid 9 dollars each for the night 3 times 9 is 27 dollars and the 2 dollar tip is 29 dollars -- what happen to the other dollar? math is confusing.

aka Dr. Wlazlak
Hi Tom,
I'm glad you're back.
I have a question. Art Porter's Gap motor, Timan's TORQUE FORCE motor, your's EttCM coil, are all saying that the output is greater than the input, but I think what you're talking about is torque, not energy. It is easy for the torque output to exceed the input, such as in a lever system. Is there any way to calculate that the output of energy is greater than the input?
good luck
Hi Mr. R
I had a wonderful answer to you question but it was lost because it did not post
but the simple answer to your question is
look at the difference in each person's designs
not all ducks look and act the same.
The real answer is ask the right question;
if we are saying torque it is because there is torque as part of what makes
the math of what energy is being made. to show an answer to a question.

Thanks for asking a question; there are better one of course. Tom
Time has passed, but the thought remains
the question of Torque
why is the term torque used
Lets do the math
Energy = C M
C = time and distance
M = mass or weight
or EttCM looks like E = C M
the tt looks like the = sign --- fun stuff
torque is = to weigh and distance
but is also refers to motion of speed of a weight at a distance or E = L T
if some weighs .30556 lbs. and is moving at 1800 ft. per minute
this is = to 1 horsepower that is 745.6 watt hrs.
that is 33,000 lbs. lifted 1 ft. in 1 hr.

it is how to figure out how a spinning thing is using up the energy it is using.


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