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workable permanent magnetic linear motor - Dr.Wlazlak - 09-03-2023

This is a permanent magnetic linear motor that was built in 2001 using simple ceramic magnets 
it uses 6 magnetic wheels use. in the travel 1 wheel will rotate 1 and 1/2 turns
anything over 1 turn is a free energy output device. 
having 6 wheels the total of the turns are 9 full rotations in the total travel of the moving car
the lower track is a field type on North / South magnetic that resembles a normal type motor field.
The concept is that 5 of the magnetic wheels overpower the one wheel the is in the back Emf force of it's turn
This motor is more than 20 years old and it still works almost the same as when it was new.
This motor is proof that magnets alone can produce a continuous free energy output device. 
If people wanted such a device.