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The key to this subject is something that run using no energy to run on
The term Perpetual motion machine: 
Could mean a machine that runs without using energy to run on - not forever - just in perpetual motion.
Gravity and magnetic are said not to be Energy - Just because -
But the (potential energy) that makes the (kinetic energy) from the forces of Gravity and magnetic forces are Energy.
Therefor: the end results of using Gravity and magnetic forces can produce a Perpetual motion device of sort.
There is a type of machine that uses NefeB magnetic forces and the use of Gravity in combo to produce an effect of constant kinetic energy of rotary movement. 
The machine has not been built but the workings to make this device work have been tested and proved it is possible to build such a device that would work. until at least it run out of magnetic force or breaks.
(The drawings can be shared if interested.)
The working concept of this device is not complicated but needs to be addressed to understand why the normal counter reaction to the Action force does not apply in this technology. only friction needs to be overcome but the energy output of this technology can be many times over coming the friction issue.
If this was an electric motor type device the term would be the Back EMF is not present in this device - no clogging -
AS it were to be said.
Anyway: There are lots of ways to do the impossible it is just knowing a few simple answers to How it is possible.
Tryal an error is how most things become possible - at least that is the way I play with the unknown.
Again: Fun Stuff

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The key to this subject is something that run using no energy to run on - by Dr.Wlazlak - 08-26-2023, 09:39 PM

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