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Unlimited Free Energy, Overunity With Solid State LC Resonant Circuit
Dear, Sir   Do you have any updates on the above post?

I believe that if we know what the potential energy that makes the kinetic energy for any output device system

then we could use that form of energy to produce an energy output device

Of course, hydroelectric power is not free energy people pay through the ----- to power their homes.
and the same with wind power somebody in business has a meter tied around people's necks on the leach as it were.
All forms of free power are only a dream. because the corps. make corps out of the people that try the free energy thing on their own.

This is why I say it is my Hobby only, The technology that can make a free energy device can be presented 
but no one with any sense will really be interested because they do not want to become a Corps.
by the Corps. that want the meter tied around your neck. as it were.

But on the other hand, there is a handcuff that is hooked to your wallet.
So, your dammed if you do, and dammed if you want power to come to your house.

that's a hydroelectric joke.

Anyway, 1 post and you leave, what is that? ( did the Corps find you? ) I wonder?

Thanks aka Dr. Wlazlak

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