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Q&A Practical build log generator Figuera
good afternoon Lasco, now it is summer and it is very hot in the south of Spain and I am on the beach outside my place of action on Figuera, that is, outside my workshop where I make my prototypes, but what I do do is continue thinking about the Figuera circuit, and in this sense and as I had already said in this chat, the question of Figuera involves doing a V/I conversion since it is necessary to increase I to be able to generate induction, that is, I continue with my idea of using the I through Inductors and not on Resistors, in addition and as I think everyone knows, the machine that does this is currently in service, it is called an Electrical Autotransformer, only you have to understand its operation in another shared mode scenario and as Figuera said: I have only made one electrical transformer differently, but only one electrical transformer. Well, I'm going down this path and first I have to calculate all the parameters before executing anything. I hope you can understand what I have written to you and a lot!! Cheer up !!

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