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An Invention: A type of electromagnetic coil of greater power output
Thank you very much to Dr. Wlazlak and Jim Mac
Can I ask two questions:
1) Is the winding direction of the coil the one I marked?
2) Is the iron core what I marked for placement?

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Hello, Thank you for asking,
I will send Jim more detailed drawings of the coils design looks
however the iron core is vertical on those coils and the coil winding rap Horz. in line with the wire direction

The input coils are the EttCM coil type that have a permanent magnetic inline with the iron core coil
I will make and send Jim this drawing

From the top iron bar down - the block shapes under the top iron bar are permanent magnets of NefeB 
They are marked N S inside the box
under the block is the Iron core of the coil the goes vertically down that is attached to the
Iron core of the output coil that is horizontal and the coil wires and winding of that coil go vertical 
and everything follows the same layout on of an 8 shaped transformer design

I will send Jim a breakdown expanded drawing of how each part of this device goes together 
and how the iron core is located to the coil windings
That can go in the same string as these drawing.

Hi Jim, Thank you, This is the right place for these drawings
I will make sure all drawings have a string location attached to them for reference.

Tom aka. Dr. Wlazlak
From TOM.  Hopefully he can resize images with the tools I posted so we can all enjoy his updates quicker.


The drawing below are just the Iron core and the permanent magnets ( coil are not shown )
This shows the assembly of the iron core for the magnetic force to travel in a closed field frame
This lowers the heating of an open transformer type field frame
how this works 
if the top 2 coils - 1 and 2 are magnetically ON the bottom 2 coils are magnetically Off 
making the transformer output coil produce a 1/2 cycle of POS and NEG --- going to the reverse cycle ---
now the cycle turns on the bottom 1/2 -2 coils 3 and 4 magnetically ON and 1 and 2 turn magnetically OFF
making the transformer output coil produce a 1/2 cycle of NEG and POS 
producing AC current to the same input AC cycles that is applied per watts used
This may need an input cycle controller to maintain a constant input power in watts 
The EttCM coils being used in this design can produce 5 times the output to the input if made to do so.
This means the output of the transformer would be 3 times the input watts used max.
But this also means that this device once turned on runs on it;s own power as designed 
until it is shut off or breaks as a transformer that could be a very long time.


The drawing below is a break down assembly drawing of transformer


The coils are wound in the same direction as the input wires on this drawing, that would rap the iron bar so that the magnetic poles would go to the ends of the length of the bars
OK Tom, can you draw out the coil polarities for me?  It doesn't seem to work in the direction you drew-  atleast how I see it.

1.  Coil flux flows from North to South. In your drawing, whatever polarity your coils are- they are blocked by the magnets if the flux flows in the direction you designated.


If the flux direction was opposite how you drew- then I could see the flux making it around the path.


Assuming my 2nd drawing is correct- now I need to understand the reciprocal path of the output coil.  

What does "OFF" mean exactly?  Does it mean the coils are not powered?  Or powered with the polarity that blocks the permanent magnet paths?  

I assume at this point we are expecting the output's coil magnetic path to go through the bottom loop so it doesn't reciprocate it's field back through the top primaries. The reciprocal output North will be coming out the left side of the coil.  If the bottom coils are not powered- it will have a clear path to avoid the primaries at top, but what is to stop the primary coils from taking the bottom path?  If we block that path, the output coil has no path.

Hope this made some sort of sense
Hello Jim Mac, I see this is a whole lot more complicated for others than is in my head. Wow!
Thank you. This is very helpful for me to understand that just showing drawing and writing how it works may not be enough.
I think a step by step one at a time directions are needed.  The EttCM coil workings must be understood first.

Showing the whole of the end product is the last step in the process to understand the concepts to how any of my technology works.

So: on this string this is the last steps that is needed to understand how the transformer is constructed - only

Note: In order to understand How the transformer Works using the EttCM coil 
First The EttCM coil must be understood how it works
If a person does not know how the EttCM coil works There is not point of trying to explain how the transformer works
using the EttCM coil Technology.

First a Child must crawl before walking can ever start, Showing the end product is the running stage in the process.

There needed to be a plan change. in how this is presented.
Or: What's the point: Seeing the EttCM technology is not the normal thing people understand or have been shown
though out their lives. First things First 

learn the basics of the technology - then - go on the what the basic EttCM tech. can be used for
A long time ago people thought that Electric power would flow out of the fixtures if they were not covered.
and die from breathing the electric stuff.
like Gas flows out of the fixtures if left on and not covered
now they know the difference between Gas and electric, because they were shown.

Answering your question about the direction of magnetic travel though the transformer is impossible.
without you knowing why. what I have shown is the Correct travel direction
Because you do not know how the EttCM coil works. 
This is my fault: because I did not take a step by step method of starting at the basic first level concept of the technology ( crawl first, as it were )

To All that wish to learn how to use The EttCM technology and how to use it in Devices 
first You must learn the Basics of the EttCM - On and Off magnetic force method That the technology uses.
To make anything work using the EttCM energy Technology method.

This can be done 2 ways

one - have meeting with me Vie: Email or Zoom meeting. I do both.
two - Read anything about the EttCM technology everywhere that is on the internet
I am not trying to hide anything on how the technology works - there are lots of forum that have my stuff on them.
If you have the willingness to want to know, then it is possible to find what you wish to know.

Thanks Dr. Wlazlak

Jim Mac. If you wish for me to continue on your forum we need a method of doing so that can teach people
the basics of the EttCM technology first, and how the magnetic force is used in a coil to produce more output to a device of many types.

If this is more than you wish to do I understand.  
I have a book to write that may take a bit of the time in the future.
OK allow me to rephrase 1 step at a time so it's easy to understand the questions.  Maybe my mind moved too quick.

1. Magnetic force moves from North to South like the image below.  


Now lets just take your drawing of the top half without the coils.  Just magnets and Iron.  The magnetic flow will be moving counter clockwise.


Now to your other image (just the top).  It seems to show the magnetic stream flowing Clockwise from South to North.


My question is-  that "Magnetic Flux Line", is that the path of the permanent magnets, or the path of the bottom coil's flux?
Sorry I see the error of my ways.
The arrows are just to point out there is movement of something going on.
to say that is the location of where the magic is in play.
in the place where the lines and arrows are not shown, No magnetic magic is going on - Sort of -
The main reason the direction of arrows is there in the first place is to show there is a reverse direction in AC current.
to the magnetic making of current producing AC output to the AC input of the transformer
per the electrical drawing that is also a little confusing because the input power being switched goes to the coils wires
that are marked pos and neg because like on a battery they would not change how they are rapped 
So, on the drawing the coil pos wire is the pos wire to the coil if neg goes into to pos wire of the coil it makes the coil reversed to the normal action of it being pos input to pos wire of the coil.
Fig 1 drawing of the electrical wiring shows that 1 and 2 coil being pos to pos and neg to neg making them ON magnetically
and the bottom coils 3 and 4 are being power in reversed power in is pos to neg and neg to pos on the input wires
making the bottom magnetically OFF ( note: you must understand how the EttCM coil work to understand this )

if these were just coil on this design the top coil would be ON and the bottom coils would be OFF
making the same effect as on the drawing - if you just view the arrow direction as an indicator of something in play.

fig 2 is the reverse from fig 1 that is all it is -- an AC transformer that could run on its own output power and run other things - Maybe - depending on the builder of such a device.

This is almost like having a job. I should write a book about that.

Tom aka Dr. Wlazlak
Hi Tom,

This is the way I understand the EttCM coil operation with magnets in this transformer.
For example say the magnets are on the left and the coil on the right, NS-COIL.
In the first half of the AC cycle the coil is NS, so NS→NS the coil is aiding or increasing the magnets flux.
In the second half of the AC cycle the coil is opposite polarity NS<->SN the coil is blocking the magnet flux.

The trans former is arranged so in one half of the AC input the top two coils are aiding and the bottom two are blocking. The flux through the center iron is counter clockwise around the top half.
In the second half of the AC input the top two coils are blocking and the bottom two are aiding. The flux through the center iron is clockwise around the bottom half.

Is this correct?

answer for Cadman

Yes - but the arrows are not meant to be the flux direction it is just to say that is the location of magnetic force being applied 

The EttCM coils are acting like magnetic valves turning on half on and the other half off
and the reversing the cycle and doing the same valve type actions

whatever the input cycles are the output cycles will be the same 
but the input cycles and power needs to have a controller feeding that action
if the output power is hooked up to the input power there is a chance it would run away and melt down 
just something to thing about.

hello everyone, I have sent lesson 3 to Mr. Cadman showing how the back emf of a transformer works in relation to the same pushing magnetic poles pushing against each other equal to the primary and secondary coil to a transformer power inputs to outputs being also equal.
I also made a small comment about the cracks that can form in a transformer if to much power produces to much counter emf is generated and in some cases in lightning storms the transformer counter emf is so great the transformer explodes from the magnetic push of counter emf being more than the iron core can take.
again if anyone want to converse with me on these subject: room for one more,
Thanks Tom

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