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Reversing Rotational Direction Without Physically Reversing.
I saw a video 2 years ago and ran across it again today.  So I made my own version of the info.

This one is a head-scratcher.  Could we actually use this to make Counter Clockwise Magnetic rotation by Physically rotating Clockwise With NO gearing or transfer of force between parts?

You got me with the optical illusion. I didn't see it for a little bit at first, then I did all of a sudden. So I'm wondering if it would actually be perceived as rotating counter closwise or is our brain just not processing something correctly like the spokes of a tire appearing to spin backwards at certain speeds.

Will give this more thought but out of the box there doesn't appers to be much doubt that the strength of the blue is moving counter clockwise. Especially since it's move very slowly unlike the spokes of a fast spinning vehicle wheel. Very cool.
(06-02-2024, 03:17 AM)MagnaProp Wrote: there doesn't appears to be much doubt that the strength of the blue is moving counter clockwise.

Yea, I agree. The blue is moving counter clockwise, BUT the individual openings are filling the opposite way. Hard to know how the coil would respond. It may even partially cancel induction out.   I am not totally sold on the idea of casting a big shield and rotating it.  But food for thought.

 I am sure there are many ways and methods to produce magnetic movement that haven't been tried.

Here is another idea..  This one is similar to the idea many have tried (including me) where we rotate metal between magnets and coils to disrupt the field, thus making a generator where neither the coil or magnet rotate.  Usually the standard idea is to use separate metal pieces which causes much cogging.  But what if we could eliminate the cogging?


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