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Fake energy generators on the net.
I would like to share what I have observed in facebook and youtube as fake free energy generator scams.

This disinformation is sewed from many years and looking closely on a video could tell you if the system is wrong or right.

1. Motor/Solid State systems that aren't looped. 

2. It is impossible to refill energy in a system that is opened.

3. Static magnetic field cannot produce power in a coil (except for firstly energized and modified speakers or hendershot, also there was one video with a neo magnet and material insulation plus corkscrew shape steel wire that gives low amount of DC on the output, this I once tested to work, so there are exceptions, but few known).

4. If the inventor is using a magnet and a coil/electromagnet the current induces only when the magnet or coil is changing its position in space* geometrically. 

5. Some old car spark plugs had possibility to hold a very crappy voltages, if coil was wrapped on them, that means up to 1-1.5V. To achieve higher voltages spark plugs should be connected in series. Also a spark plug has some potential to work with moving magnets. 

6. If you see a few spark plugs connected to 230V output its pure nonsense. Especially that spark plugs give DC voltage. In some movies we see obvious short circuit. Then maybe the guy is using overunity alloy cables (they exist, even AC versions) and he is closing the circuit with overunity cables and achieve some amount of power on the ouput. But it is a cheat, because nowhere there in the vid the maker is not showing this fact, but sometimes especially is hardening the circuit for it to play something advanced with spark plugs, magnets, coils, transformers and speakers.

7. In many cases inventor shows a lightbulb connected into the system that looks deceiving in voltage output gain. This means that some systems give on output (or holds it preenergized) only several volts, but this is enough to drive some of the lightbulbs on that's why the only cheat is that the system has written parametres like 230VAC or 1kW of power. The real power can be 15V/5W or even less, still a lighbulb - especially modified may glow.

8. Only a few heating coils has possibilities to work with high temperatures for the sake of giving away electricity then (they are not popular or known in industry, still achieved voltages are normally low and dc).

Hope this can help in recognizing scams. To moderator: If this topic is in the wrong place, feel free to move it.
9.  If the video is dubbed over with music.

10. If you uploader's profile has boatloads o free energy devices

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