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Gear system to flip a permanent magnet
Scrolling through mechanical mechanisms for a future build, I saw this one.  It's pretty cool..  Perhaps it may have a use to flip a magnet while it's rotating. 

thing is, when you want it to flip, it will most likely be in a position with other magnets, stators, that are still in attraction, and it will take much more energy mechanically to force that magnet flip. always have to remember the condition of the magnetics when the whole idea is put together, not just the seemingly simple flip of the magnet when the rest of the machine is not there. Same with my stator switching motor attempt. even with asymmetrical stators vs rotor mags, 8-9, 7-8, 6-7, 5-6 and so on, while all the other magnets on the rotor are in push and pull mode with stators while only 1 stator is being switched at a time, the force it takes to switch the magnet is quite nearly the same as all others in push pull mode.

Mags,  your build is CLUTCH..   Even if it didn't work as planned, that build is still off the chain..


I agree with your assessment but it's still a pretty cool gear system.  Although there are all sorts of ideas. 

I am thinking I might print up a planetary gear system with magnets attracted to the center gear and the smaller mid-gears.  I wonder if there is a way where the center magnet would try to align with a magnet on an outer gear, but positioned so they never can align, and then another magnet is in a better alignment, so the center one always chases an outer one like a carrot on a stick.

I am thinking of a planetary gear with 1 center and 4 mid gears.  And they rotate so whenever an alignment happens, the center faces always align at blotch walls, so it continues the chase.

Again, probably won't work, but it's a good angle.  Try to get the magnets to align but can never fully get there.
Very clever and creative approach! Definitely worth trying. I have also been looking at these mechanical mechanisms on youtube to give me inspiration!

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