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Reversing Lenz Project
(07-13-2024, 07:07 PM)GT899 Wrote: I got a lot of catching up to do but seriously nice work Jim on this idea and also on the building and testing. Thank you for sharing! It definitely sounds very promising.

Nice to see ya back..  And thanks..

So here is my next attempt.  A little different but same philosophy.

I can honestly say there is no way I can design a stator anywhere near the quality of a commercially available clam shell stator.  So I am going to attempt to use that..

I got this one from a Kitchen aid mixer I picked up on the side of the road.  I managed to drill 2 holes on either side between the coils.  I had the laminations clamped, but it still started to split a tad.  No biggie, it's still solid and I have crazy glue on it sealing it all up.  My holes are also a tad off center, but it shouldn't make much of a difference..


Next I will print inserts so big Neo's can go in.  One North in and one South in.  Then finally I will print some mount and design some rotor that will rotate 2 ferrous bridgers inside. 

This arrangement will still cause the Shrinking field  on approach and growing field on exit.  But now I can concentrate the magnetism all in this stator to hopefully get decent output with minimal to no Lenz drag..

Guess we will see.
Ok well Member MERLYNN mentioned something in a past thread of his. .  And I think he nailed it. 

I have been looking closely at what the magnetic fields are doing inside the metal. And they are rotating. Not only are they rotating, they are rotating while rotating. 

Merlynn,s thread mentions something about you. Need two rotating fields. Now I could understand this. 

Eliminating Lenz is definitely possible by rotating a magnetic field that is rotating. But there are nuances that need to be followed and understood. 

The direction and orientation of the two rotating objects is important. 

Everyone has their own way of understanding and explaining things. So I will explain it my way. Maybe it will click. 

If something is rotating inside a rotating object, and if the parameters are correct, the electromagnetic field from induction will work against one of the rotating fields thus causing drag. But at the same time, the rotating carrier that is rotating the rotating field can also be affected by this EMF from the induction coil, and counter the drag. 

I also now realize it could be done with magnets without metal. But the ways I have figured out so far are pretty complicated to build.

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