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Faraday Cage
Mr Faraday "Charged Up" or lowered a Statically charged ball into a basket and found it Blocked Electro Magnetic Radiation also known as Radio waves.
For this poor interpretation of Magnetic Shielding, Faraday was made famous.

Faraday did not know what 'electricity' is, or Magnetic Fields as a Mono Pole much less Tesla's Wireless electrical transmission theories.

The 'cage' effect must be made of a Conductive material. This is because the Vibrations that constitute 'electricity' as a wireless transmission activating the Air Crystals and are absorbed by conductive materials but pass through non conductive materials.

The Electromagnetic waves of Radio or microwave frequencies that are broadcast through the Air will permeate the entire Air Field so if the bottom of the Faraday cage is not shielded, it doesn't work. The air inside the cage is joined to the air outside in this circumstance.

Just like the 'signal' from the transmitter activates the antenna of the receiving station to make 'electricity' that can be amplified into a 'song', The Faraday cage becomes 'electrified' and this 'changes' the 'signal' or frequency and the cage is SEEN to 'inhibit' the original frequency from entering by altering the frequency. The conductive nature of the cage transduces the vibrations into 'electricity' with a New Elemental Frequency. So we think it blocks it, when in effect its nothing but a change in frequencies. Which is still effective for shielding one from a Nuclear reactor or microwave oven. The original electrical signal frequency is not evident in the cage. This is similar to an insulated fence wire running parallel under a mains transmission line, giving 'free' electricity. They have rules against this sort of free energy harvesting in a Development Application.

As everything has a polarity, including the wire used to make a Faraday cage, Such a 'cage' like wrapping using a single wire to make a Faraday cage, would become 'electrified' by a microwave transmitter nearby or any background 'radiation'. Such a cage could become an Electro-magnetic frequency 'collector' or a 'battery' where the ends of the wire become the terminals of a battery.

The correct understandings of the dynamics of Electrical vibrations and the correct Physics of the Faraday cage, is required for magnetic Shielding and Force Fields or Shields Up Spock, The electrification of a conducting cage around a 'craft' instead of an exterior or interior electro static electrification like Faraday showed in his experiment is an opposite and equal application of this Faraday cage effect.

To use Mono Pole 'electricity' we can then get what could be called, gravity shielding. A North Pole Bias powered Faraday cage may float.

Iron is attracted to a Magnet. Not the other way around. A neutral Plate thats charged by two mono poles will not generate 'electricity' or eddy currents vibrations. Only the magnet itself generates Vibrations in the copper wires surrounding the iron core inside the coiled copper.

Understanding Magnetic shielding will make most any theoretical over unity magnet motor actually work. It clearly has other applications that you will not even begin to understand if your thoughts are ... its all electrons Jim but not as we know them. for the Star Trekkies.

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