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Andy's thread- Don Smith Device
(04-18-2024, 03:08 AM)lfarrand Wrote: It will work, but the switches you are using in Falstad are 'ideal' switches with instant on and off time and no resistance etc, so the simulation result will not be the same as what you might achieve in the real world.

Thanks for the clarification, I'll keep that in mind
As I read again and again this paper Super-Regenerative Receivers
I think that it exactly describes what the principle of many of Don Smith's devices is.

Especially this chart and it's description about two frequencies in that paper

How can I achieve this?
1. Somehow create LC oscillating circuit with RF oscillations (frequency #1)
2. Apply rectangular waveform (frequency #2)
  - or apply rectified AC oscillation which (when very fast) creates rectangular wave?
  - or apply pulses in the same frequency as #1, but with pauses (eg. 50 pulses and then pause for another 50 pulses)
Now I "only" need to find out how to correctly fit this principle on Don's device....
Don Smith's Spark Gap

I found interesting information. Don Smith says about spark gaps this:

"Spark gaps and lightening arrestors, spark plugs included when I use them are not used as a or frequency or device timing. I use them for spike, overload and lightning protection. I use high quality capacitors, resistors and inductors."

Citation taken from here:

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