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Rotating Magnetic Fields
Hi Merlynn,
Reflecting on your guidance thus far it seems that blood (mostly water) and its iron content are charged with divine love during the in breath, flowing to the heart to be vortexed and distributed via the arteries to the tissues to inductively charge the body's cells and the brain ballast before being returned to the heart (the neutral center?) via the veins to start the process all over again and again and again....

The infinite loop looks like a cross with a loop through the heart and lungs intertwined or nested  in the loop from the heart to the brain and other tissues and back again.  Does it follow that this divine love (in air) system of energy, frequency and vibration is over unity by virtue of the fact that it is self sustaining while charging the brain ballast/battery simultaneously?  The Perfect Machine Mr. Tesla referred to?

Thank you for further clarification.

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