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Figuera coil induction simulation
Ok, thanks for completely derailing my thread  Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images. At least we learned something, I wouldn't have thought there is a circuit that can be simulated to have overunity, unless it is a software error.

Anyway, I tried some more configurations and the best of them are as good as the first one I presented. Then I found this article. Which claims that the excess energy is coming from the electrostatic effect from the atmosphere. So... I am not sure if it is possible to simulate that in an electromagnetic software, or if maybe the guy is a little bit cray cray. Nevertheless I was able to simulate some sort of power in another circuit similar to Figuera that I am working on, so I will post that in the other thread. Maybe it is not electrostatic effect, but resonance.

Will keep you posted what I find out.
So I have been doing some research. As I do not believe the Figuera generators extract electricity using electromagnetic induction (or rather it cannot generate more power than is needed to power it this way), there must be another way it worked. A document from Julio C. Gobbi about the construction of the Figuera generator seems quite convincing to me and easy enough to replicate (hopefully). The principle is extraction of ions from the atmosphere. When I checked some other websites dedicated to Figuera, they mention his correspondence and some newspaper articles which are mentioning the extraction of electric energy from vacuum, or atmosphere, for example here. So the N-S pole pairs must be only creating an environment for air ion extraction.

This calls for a different parameters to optimize with regard to the primary and secondary coils. I will attempt to do define and compute the parameters and make a device that proves or disproves such mode of operation.

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