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Optocoupler Hookup Image
I keep having to search this, even though it's a very easy hookup.  It works excellent communicating between 2 arduinos while keeping them isolated.  So I am posting it here so I can find it again when needed.

The left side goes to the master arduino, the right side to the slave. The 12V input on the right is really fed with the positive 5V logic of the slave arduino.  All the resistor values work fine.

Hello Jim
You probably know that your opto coupler circuit is active low and that you can also change it to active high, in this way by changing the position of the resistor on the opto emitter, I find it more practical like that but it's up to you to choose.
Hi and welcome.

Thanks for the addition. Since I am not a "circuit guru" I still need simple pictorials like these.  Recently learned how useful optocouplers can be, and dirt cheap!  Got 50 of them for like $6

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