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Adams Axial Circuitry
(02-12-2024, 10:00 PM)unimmortal Wrote: Cheers Jim.

Just to further add. With voltage and current flowing in opposite directions, this sets up the respective magnet field. When the reversal occurs, voltage and current are flowing the same direction (back to +), and I believe the magnetic field that this creates (and rapidly collapses) has a mirror where voltage and current both flow toward (-).

Has anyone ever heard of current flowing forward to ground? Is there a condition or any theory on how to setup this behaviour?

I'll probably get disagreements with what I am about to say- but hell..

First, voltage doesn't actually "Flow"  only current flows. Voltage is a measurement of potential difference on 2 sides of a circuit. Voltage can be an indicator which way the current is flowing tho.

"induced current will always produce a magnetic field that opposes the change in the original magnetic field."

So when a coil collapses, the induction acts against the collapse and tries to prevent the collapse from happening. Thus the direction of Inductive Kickback of a single coil is towards the negative. 

Look at a common flyback diode placement and direction. The diode always routes the positive voltage spike coming from the negative back to the input of the coil

A very simple way to know the polarity of your core is to place a compass to the right of the coil, given that the first coil is wound CW, that is to say in the same direction as the hands of a clock , the core on the right will be NORTH and the compass will indicate SOUTH, two opposite poles attract each other.
For the second coil it is wound CCW, counterclockwise, the core on the right will be SOUTH and the compass will indicate NORTH, two opposite poles attract each other, easy isn't it?
Don't forget the negative on the left and the positive on the right of the coil. As I said in the other post all inventors use the true direction of current direction, I am talking about electrons which have a negative charge, from negative to positive.
  Think about it for a second if it were the opposite a 1.5 volt battery would recharge itself by using it, the positive would become even more positive.
You are right JIM only the electrons which have a negative charge circulate, the voltage is the potential difference between two points.

John Bedini engineer book page 39

The symbol for the Diode looks like an arrow pointing at a solid line.
Remarkably, the direction of flow of electricity through the Diode is in the opposite direction of this arrow. The reason for this is that the symbol for
the Diode was invented when it was believed that electricity flowed from Positive to Negative. After it was discovered that electrons have a Negative
charge, and their flow was really from Negative to Positive, it was too late to change the symbol. 

So, electron currents flow through the Diode in the opposite direction of the way the arrow is pointing.

p.s. That's why people were so confused they didn't correct this error.
(02-12-2024, 10:29 PM)Jagau Wrote: You are right JIM only the electrons which have a negative charge circulate, the voltage is the potential difference between two points.

I don't want to sidetrack this thread, but for the record, my statement contained nothing about "electron flow".

It is my belief, (as stated on StackExchange) "Electrons are actually swarming around in all random directions all the time, and their motion due to current is minuscule, in comparison. Electrons have negative charge, and you will confuse yourself for no good reason at all thinking about how they flow from negative to positive. It doesn't actually matter at all."

But that's just my opinion, and my apologies to unimmortal for going off topic in his thread..  If he wishes, I can move these comments to a new thread so this can be debated elsewhere without interfering with his build.
(02-12-2024, 11:25 PM)Jim Mac Wrote: I don't want to sidetrack this thread

Not at all, these are good discussions and will all play into how I finally wire up the Adams Axial.
Okay, after a week in mental paralysis trying to work out the reciprocation problem, I may now have a solution.

Thanks to one of Jim's posts that showed a video of a capacitor pair being used as a T junction - I believe I can now reciprocate the top and bottom coils sets.

The image below (bit of a mind dump), shows classic power flowing alternatively to and from the coil sets in GREEN, the RED lines show the EMF flowing into and around the capacitive T junction on either side creating an isolated loop. The BLUE lines come from what 'may' be a recitifier fed by the (-) ouputs of the T junction and terminate before the switches to again pulse the coils.

The top right part of the image shows how the coils and shottkys work to isolate the EMF in both coil sets. 


My only reservation is whether I can actually recitify and re-use this EMF...

So, next steps are to order 0.5mm wire so I can wind another coil set in reverse to properly mirror the top . Existing bottom coil set is 1mm and wound in the wrong direction...

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